Environmental excellence

Ecoblanket comprises quality, environmentally friendly inputs, delivered through a smart, proven process, with the certainty of a set price, to achieve world-first, guaranteed results.

Rapid application and reduced labour requirements save time and money and help to ensure that projects of all sizes stay on track for delivery.

100% recycled organics and tailored seed blends, based on your desired vegetation outcomes, are applied in a one-step, low impact, pneumatic process that works on effectively all terrains. The process requires little preparation by clients and becomes a long-term no maintenance solution.

Ecoblanket draws on ground-breaking environmental technology to achieve unparalleled results time after time. The process outperforms traditional direct tree planting and other groundcover methods for its ability to provide immediate erosion control, sediment control, rapid ecological rehabilitation and revegetation.

Where other techniques fail to achieve basic root development over time, Ecoblanket literally reverses degraded soil by integrating with the layers beneath the blanket. It uses science to guarantee results. In a single treatment, Ecoblanket amends hostile soil layers, replaces lost topsoil with nutrient rich compost, stops erosion, traps silt, sequesters carbon and revegetates the site with natives.

It delivers long-term sustainable outcomes that fundamentally transform our environments.

Ecoblanket was introduced to Australia in 2004 through an exclusive licence held by Groundworks Australia. The Groundworks team manages the ongoing development of Ecoblanket in conjunction with a panel of environmental experts.

Tugun Bypass

Gold Coast, Queensland

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2014 Minister's Award for Leadership in Sustainability, Premier's Sustainability Awards (Qld)


2014 finalist Business Award for Best Specific Environmental Initiative, UNAA World Environment Day Awards


2013 IECA Australasia Environmental Excellence Award in Innovation, Education or Contribution to the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry


2013 Waste Recycling Industry Association Queensland Innovation Award

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