Key features

Continual research and refinement

Each project is monitored for at least one year and sometimes more after application. Examples of the photos taken at these visits are available through the photo gallery. When results exceed expectations, the Ecoblanket team invests in understanding the difference and incorporating lessons into future projects where possible.

Expert consultants

Soil scientists and native seeds experts regularly consult on Ecoblanket’s development. These specialists have been working with Ecoblanket and the exclusive licence holders, Groundworks, for almost a decade.


Microblend is an all-natural tackifier made under license in Queensland from 70% locally sourced organic products.

Proprietary compost blend

The Ecoblanket compost reuses tonnes of green waste generated by households and industries. Its quality is unsurpassed and well exceeds the levels set by AS4454:2012. When combined with Microblend, the resulting material vastly improves the organic makeup of depleted soils and its structural integrity. It also aids in the degradation of hydrocarbons found on many construction sites. Ecoblanket eliminates the need for non-biodegradable reinforcements or netting and can be used as a soil amendment or be left as a permanent stabilising organic layer to work into topsoil over time.

100% ground contact

The unique application method means that Ecoblanket has 100% contact with the ground. This ensures that groundwater can only travel through the blanket, providing up to 99% filtering of sediment. It establishes a buffer to absorb rainfall energy, slows the velocity of water run off to allow natural absorption of rainwater into soil, has very low soluble salts in run off, and improves existing soil structure and biology. Ecoblanket reduces soil loss as an erosion control measure and retains nutrients.

No maintenance

Ecoblanket chokes out weeds due to the incredibly high germination rate of the cover crop. Even during the phase when the cover crop ‘dies off’, the dead plants continue to provide cover to prevent weed seeds from getting to the nutrient-rich compost below. The Ecoblanket process optimises growing conditions resulting in a healthy crop of natives that are able to establish themselves before weeds take control of the site.

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Low to no maintenance

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