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The Ecoblanket process is continually tested and refined, taking advantage of new research to extend what is already a world-leading environmental solution. Clients gain the advantage of multiple guarantees for a set price…giving maximum confidence in process and results.

  • Fast growth ratesresearch by Dr Paul Dargusch of the University of Queensland shows that Ecoblanket can achieve a rehabilitated forest after two years that direct tree planting would take five years to achieve, based on exposed soil sites in Queensland
  • Weed free – sites treated with Ecoblanket remain effectively weed free and require little to no maintenance
  • Proven repeatable success – having delivered hundreds of Ecoblanket projects in Australia, a 100% success rate has been maintained in fulfilling all performance guarantees
  • More than 99% sediment control – groundwater silt is trapped before it flows into waterways.
  • More than 99% erosion control – demonstrated through a certified field test, Ecoblanket reduces soil loss as an erosion control measure by more than 99%.
  • 100% organic materials – all Ecoblankets conform to set specifications. This ensures superior environmental results, backed by development, testing and monitoring by Environmental Soil Solutions Australia. Ecoblanket contains no plastics, petrochemical based tackifiers or other synthetic materials.
  • 100% soil coverage – Ecoblanket completely covers soil with its interlocking blanket and achieves a 90% minimum strike rate of cover crop when all instructions are followed.
  • Carbon sequestrationEcoblanket can sequester 25 tonne equivalents of CO2 per hectare on average
  • Tailored research and application – each site is assessed and the organic blanket amended to suit the specific needs of a given project
  • Post-application assessment – a growth report is provided within 12-months, providing enhanced accountability and monitoring regarding its environmental performance
  • Best practice – Ecoblanket is known to assist clients in preventing environmental non-compliances on challenging infrastructure projects

Ecoblanket has been used for two decades in the United States and more than seven years in Australia. It is held as best practice by many local government bodies. With the introduction of Ecoblanket to the Australian market, through the exclusive licence holder Groundworks, it has been refined to suit the unique conditions in Australia.

The complete Ecoblanket process and supply chain is controlled by Groundworks including maintenance of the strictest processes around the proprietary organic materials. Only technicians who receive specialist training manage and apply Ecoblanket, ensuring an expert application every time. These contractors maintain the highest standards of quality assurance and reliability, health and safety systems, and environmental management systems, to protect clients, suppliers, employees and the community. This ensures that Ecoblanket continues its outstanding success rate.

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