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Authorised Ecoblanket contractors can apply related products depending on the specific needs of a given site.


Terraseeding is where an enriched, seed injected soil blend is spread via pneumatic blower trucks. It offers considerable benefits:

  • The seed injection is calibrated to ensure a more even surface spread
  • Application and ground surface levelling is achieved instantly in a rapid, one-step process
  • The seed is planted rather than exposed to the weather and local fauna, creating optimum conditions for germination
  • The germination rate is increased as the seed is kept warm and moist by the surrounding soil, just as it is in nature
  • The soil blend contains the necessary ingredients, including active microbes to promote a healthier turf


Ecoberm is an innovative alternative to plastic silt fencing. It is primarily composed of a specialised compost and Microblend, which is manufactured under license in Queensland by a subsidiary of Groundworks. It is made solely using recycled organics. In a certified erosion control testing facility, it has shown to be more than 99% effective in reducing soil loss. The test results show that Ecoberm compares with the highest rated best management practices in the industry under similar conditions. It not only maintains a low cost for installation, it also does not require removal or disposal.

Using a one-step pneumatic application, Ecoberm creates a dependable system that guarantees specific dimensions are met and 100% ground contact is achieved. The fibrous matrix created gives the necessary structure without non-biodegradable reinforcements. An independent lab has shown that the combination of Microblend and the compost used to make Ecoberm greatly enhances the ability of the material to degrade hydrocarbons as water flows through the natural matrix.

Ecoberm may be seeded if left as a permanent part of the surrounding landscape. It conforms to all terrain conditions and does not require ditching, staking or reinforcement. It offers low impact to the surrounding area physically, visually and environmentally.


Ecoblanket contractors are experts in a range of groundcover and landscaping solutions. If your project can benefit from specialist bulk landscaping please ask about the complementary services available through Ecoblanket providers.

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