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Ecoblanket is used almost anywhere that soil has been disturbed, denuded or where construction activity has taken place and temporary or permanent stabilisation is desired. It can be applied to remote and difficult to reach areas.

The proven portfolio of success stories spans:

  • Road and rail infrastructure – Ecoblanket offers erosion control during and after construction and can be applied to the steepest of batters. The superior growth rates also work in favour of the constrained timetables common to major construction projects.
  • Developments – from schools to residential estates to commercial developments, Ecoblanket provides a best practice native revegetation solution that requires low to no maintenance.
  • Resources and energy projects – mine sites and coal seam gas (CSG) projects comprise significant parts of Australia’s resources and energy sector and have inbuilt requirements for post-mine rehabilitation and environmental protection. Ecoblanket can achieve stronger results than other methods, backed by scientific testing. Plus it offers the added advantage of rapid one-step application through a cost effective process that delivers an environmental and economic return on investment.

There are significant advantages to involving Ecoblanket specialists in the earliest stages of project planning. However, the Ecoblanket process has provided urgent end-of-project results at short-notice and delivered much needed rapid success.

View the project showcase here to see the effectiveness of the Ecoblanket method. On request, a detailed list of sites that have been treated can be provided…though it may be challenging to find them as all but the most recent applications have blended into the surrounding ecosystem.

Contact us today to find out how Ecoblanket can address the specific requirements of your project.

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