Contact us today to see how Ecoblanket can help your project achieve fast, sustainable results that offer lasting value to communities and the environment and, through carbon offset benefits, to your organisation.

Ecoblanket is only applied by approved contractors who have undergone specialised training. As the most advanced and cost effective solution in Australia, Ecoblanket is immediately available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia and can be considered for other states and territories.

Ecoblanket enquiries

Phone: (07) 3260 7150


Supplier enquiries

Ecoblanket uses locally sourced, recycled organic inputs to create the proprietary compost. To become an Ecoblanket supplier or partner, please contact us at

Speaking and presentation enquiries

Tony Rees from Groundworks, the exclusive licence holder for Ecoblanket, is available for specialised conferences and industry presentations to talk about the science behind Ecoblanket and the challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s environmental sector. To find out more, please contact us at

Ecoblanket Australia is exclusively licensed by Groundworks. Groundworks is a member of the International Erosion Control Association, Waste Management Association, and Urban Development Institute of Australia.

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