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Ecoblanket is the result of world-leading advice from eminent soil scientists, native seeds experts and environmental specialists. It is the most advanced solution of its kind globally.

Ecoblanket was first developed in the United States by Rexius and later validated by the University of San Diego. In 2004, Tony Rees of Groundworks Australia secured the exclusive licence to Ecoblanket and launched a new research program to amend Ecoblanket to Australia’s unique environment. This included research by the University of Queensland in addition to an extensive, ongoing, in-house testing, monitoring and development program. Groundworks is currently delivering a number of cooperative programs bringing together industry, education and government specialists to explore economic and environmental development potential through Ecoblanket.

The Australian challenge

Despite Australia’s magnificent landscape, on a global stage, the country’s soils have the worst profile for enabling sustainable revegetation and rehabilitation. Australia has:

  • The highest level of salt affected soils in the world
    • Five times the area of saline soils as North America (84.7 million ha versus 16 million ha – FAO UNESCO research)
  • The highest level of sodic dispersive soils in the world
    • Six times the area of sodic soils as South America (215.97 million ha versus 53.13 million ha – Soil Science ESP Symposium 2006)
    • 83 times the area of sodic soils as North America (215.97 million ha versus 2.59 million ha)
    • 28% of all soil rated in Australia is sodic (Soil Science ESP Symposium 2006)

Just one of the impacts of this degraded soil quality is liquefiable soils. The poor state of the underlying soils means that many groundcover solutions do not integrate with, and rehabilitate, those soils and become akin to floating floors. In many cases, this is the reason that alternative hydroseeding, jute matting and ordinary compost blanket solutions are incapable of providing long-term results. Once applied, they appear to be working effectively, yet after months or a few years the failure to integrate with the local environment prevents sustainable root development.

Australia is facing critical environmental degradation and Ecoblanket is proven, through independent research, to have the answer. It is based on rigorous soil science to ensure long-term results. Groundworks continues to lead research and development, refining the process to ensure the best outcomes for the environment and clients.

Kuraby Tolls

Brisbane, Queensland

More than 99% erosion and sediment control

Carbon sequestration benefits

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