Carbon offset

Rapid carbon sequestration

Field tests prove that Ecoblanket offers more rapid carbon sequestration than conventional reforestation techniques. Furthermore, the method is highly accessible and flexible which means that it can be used in site contexts that traditional tree planting methods are unable to support.

The carbon emission challenge

As industry continues to release millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, more needs to be done to reverse the negative impacts on the environment. The focus on worldwide carbon emissions has boosted research into methods of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, with carbon sequestration receiving significant attention. Carbon sequestration involves ‘storing’ or ‘sequestering’ carbon dioxide and one of the most efficient carbon sinks is an actively growing forest. All plants photosynthesize, which means that forests remove carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to a form that is beneficial to the environment.

The Ecoblanket solution

Mass planting methods are time consuming, labour intensive and costly. Through Ecoblanket, clients gain the advantage of a rapid, one-step application process laying a recycled organic blanket that interacts with existing soil layers to regenerate topsoil and revegetate sites.

With specialised machinery, Ecoblanket can be used to treat thousands of square metres per day and as our case studies demonstrate, clients are guaranteed to have the beginnings of a magnificent crop of natives within months. Ecoblanket is effective on the most extreme of sites, contributing to environmental excellence and advancing best practice in Australia.

NNA Pipeline

Near Nambour, Queensland

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