Hundreds of Ecoblanket processes have been delivered around Australia. The results on a selection of projects can be viewed through our photo gallery case studies.

Research from San Diego State University Soil Erosion Research Laboratory, BBC Laboratories, and the University of Queensland UniQuest, all provide scientific evidence of the superior results available through the Ecoblanket method.


“Groundworks has partnered with Rexius since 2004 in the production and installation of the Ecoblanket and Ecoberm systems. The one thing we can say with certainty is that the team is absolutely passionate about organic blanket solutions, and committed to working with them to support cleaning up our water and saving our soils. They have a great understanding of why it is so important for us, as stewards of the environment, to do everything we can in our construction practices to be responsible, and sustainable, in how we treat our soils. The Groundworks team has made incredible inroads into all areas of erosion and sediment control for both private and public enterprise, and has developed strong relationships in the industry. We are excited for what the future holds for the continued development of Ecoblanket in the Australian market.”
-Dan Sutton, Senior Vice President, Rexius Forest By-Products, Inc, Oregon, USA


FK Gardner & Sons Group (FKG) named Ecoblanket as one of the “innovative environmentally friendly products” it sourced as part of furthering its commitment to the environment…evidenced by the use of Ecoblanket to prevent soil erosion on the Hillview Dam project, west of Toowoomba.
-Resource in Focus, Branching Out feature, October 2012


Broad Group has described the environmental advantages of Ecoblanket as seen through the Augusta State School (Bellbird Park) project:

“A trademarked product called Ecoblanket, using compost produced from the green waste generated from the Augusta site, applied by blower trucks containing a mixture of native tree seeds and grasses, was used…Over 13000 sqm of Groundworks Ecoblanket was applied to various areas around the school. After less than 18 months natives have germinated and in some areas have reached a height of up to two metres tall. Over the next 30 years this Groundworks Ecoblanket will sequester more than 1000 tonnes of carbon. The larger areas of Groundworks Ecoblanket® will provide many teaching opportunities for both the students enrolled at Augusta State School and those undertaking tertiary studies under Dr Paul Dargusch [of the University of Queensland].”
-Broad View Magazine, Making a difference through sustainable practice, Summer 2012


Groundworks, the licence holder of Ecoblanket in Australia, is an industry partner in the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Management Alliance in Research and Teaching (SMART) program, which received an award for Outstanding Excellence in Collaboration at the Business Higher Education Round Table Awards 2012. Groundworks’ industry peers in the program include Billabong International, LCR Group, Low Carbon Australia, carbonjobs, Virgin Australia and the Queensland Murray Darling Committee. For more information visit http://www.uq.edu.au/news/?article=25542.

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